International Pet Travel Services

We provide full service pet relocations for local/national/ overseas/international pet travel services. Around the block or around the world, we can provide you with all your pet travel and animal transportation needs.
Please note for international relocation, Paw Pet Express  is only able to relocate pets with an arrival or departure city in the United States. We are unable to accommodate moves between two foreign countries, or within one country that is not the U.S.
Paw Pet Express is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and we are USDA certified. We have local, national and overseas travel contacts and can easily arrange a smooth move of your canine, feline, or other family pet.
While we are based in Tucson, Arizona, we provide a wide range of overseas pet travel services handling the technical logistics of the animal transportation industry.
Overseas pet travel is a complicated process and most importantly, pet travel safety and planning must not be overlooked.
Pet Travel Safety – When your pet travels overseas, extra documentation and immunization are required. One requirement is an international health certificate and a valid rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.

Overseas Pet Travel Services

Military Pet Relocation Specialist

We are experts at pet relocation for military due to PCS
(Permanent Change of Station) both domestically and overseas. Whether you are taking the military pet to your new change of station or facing the difficult task of sending your pet to a friend or family member, we help you and your pet so you can focus on the rest of the family and other moving details.
We have done thousands of pet relocations locally, nationally, and overseas since 2001, and are focused on creating the most comfortable, safe, and stress-free environment possible for you and your companion.
We understand the responsibility and details involved in pet transportation and the concerns you have for your family friend.
We look forward to providing you with our comprehensive pet travel services. Please take the time to fill out our Pet Travel Form* and we will get in touch with you.