Air & Ground: View Pricing & Policies

When you work with Paw Pet Express, you are entrusting us with the care and well-being of a family member. We take
our job very seriously and will do whatever it takes to get your furry family member safely where they need to be!

Air Travel

Our air pricing consists of 4 – 6 main components, depending on the service needed:
• Air Travel Consultation Fee (priced per pet)
• Ticket Purchase Fee
• Mailed VIP Pet Packet
• Pet’s Airfare which is based on their weight in their crate
• Vet Packet (Hawaii & International travel)
• Customs Clearance (International travel)
To get an estimate for air travel,

Air Travel Consultation

This is the base fee that pays for our time while we research, prepare for, and schedule your pet’s relocation from start to finish. This fee does not include your pet’s airline ticket, the travel crate, or any other costs associated with your pet’s travel.

Airtare & Ticket Purchase Fee

The biggest factor in price is typically your pet’s weight in their crate. Therefore the larger and heavier your pet is, the more expensive the airfare will be. The airlines vary in their pricing structure.

Airport Transportation

We work with a network of pet travel professionals across the world to provide safe and seamless transportation to and from the airport for both domestic and international travel. We are able to arrange for transportation on one or both sides for a complete door-to-door pet service. Prices are based on the pick up or drop off location being within an hour of the airport.
There is a one time $75 Handling fee per city where we need to arrange boarding, crate purchase, customs clearance, transportation, or vet services. If you do not require additional services, you will not be charged the Handling fee.

Pet Travel Packet

The Pet Travel Packet includes physical copies of your pet’s travel documents, crate tags, stickers, and a special gift for your pet. You will also receive a customized electronic Pet Travel Packet that will be emailed to You before Your Pet’s flight.

Vet Packet

The Vet Packet includes all of the documents your pet needs to travel abroad. These include a pre-filled health certificate, application, pre-paid Fed Ex mailing to/from the USDA, and money order for the USDA endorsement.

Customs Clearance

Pets arriving from an international flight must be cleared through customs upon their arrival. This process includes making sure your pet has the correct paper work to enter the country, collecting the paperwork that travels with your pet upon their arrival, bringing it to the customs office for final approval, and bringing it back to the airline cargo facility so they may release your pet. This process can take between 1– 4 hours. Additionally, most airlines charge a release fee for pets being picked up from an international flight.

Ground Travel

Paw Pet Express offers pet ground travel as an alternative to air travel.
Our ground pricing consists of 2 main components:
• Ground Travel Consultation/Planning Fee
• VIP Private Ground Transport (based on mileage/timing)

Ground Pricing Components

Ground Travel Consultation

This is the base fee that pays for our time while we research, prepare for, and schedule your pet’s relocation from start to finish. It includes your Pet Travel Specialist working with our trusted drivers to arrange for your pets’ safe and comfortable ground transportation. This fee does not include the price of the transport itself, which is based on mileage, or any additional services needed.

Ground Transport

The price of your pet’s transport which is primarily based on mileage and/or timing. The price includes all expenses such as payment for the driver’s time, gas, wear on the vehicle, and the following:
• Private door-to-door transportation
• Transportation in heated/air-conditioned Sedans, SUVs, Mini Vans, or Cargo vans, based on the pets traveling
• Communication from the driver throughout the trip
• Comfort stops, walks, and potty breaks along the way (every 2 – 4 hours, unless more frequently requested)
• Overnight stays in pet-friendly hotels, if needed
• Medication administration, as required
• Feeding, adhering to your pet’s schedule at home
• Any of your pet’s belongings, including bedding, toys, treats, regular food, etc., are encouraged to make the trip with them