Pet Travel Services

Your Pet Travel Specialists

Paw Pet Express, Inc. makes moving your pet a breeze, whatever your pet transportation needs! We can provide a wide variety of services locally in Tucson and Phoenix, as well as nationwide & worldwide. Paw Pet Express started locally in Tucson, Arizona and has grown to a national and overseas pet travel agency. We are proud of our pet travel safety record. No pet has ever been injured or lost in all of thousands of pet relocations.
At Paw Pet Express, Inc., our goal is peace of mind and convenience for a safe, prompt, and comfortable journey for your pet. We help achieve a stress-free experience for you both by providing helpful tips and knowledge based on our experience and expertise. We are registered with the USDA as an Intermediate Handler (registration 86-H-026). We comply with all rules and regulations of the Animal Welfare Act, which is a federal law protecting animals in transit.
Your pet’s safety and well-being is of the greatest concern and is key to our success. We will work with you to arrange the most direct travel route, with the best pet travel programs, to maximize comfort during your pet’s travel.
We are happy you are considering our pet travel services and look forward to assisting you with the difficult process of pet shipping. We are here to ease your mind and spirit, and let your pet’s relocation be as comfortable as possible.

Paw Pet Express, Inc. offers Pet Relocation/Moving Services, including:

• Pet Transport Service customized to you and your pets unique needs.
• Professional Pet Pickup and Delivery – We can provide or arrange to pick up and deliver your departing or arriving pet, including door-to-door service nationwide to and from the airport, veterinarian, home or kennel (not available in all areas, for an extra charge)
• Flight Arrangements – Your Pet Relocation specialist will arrange the most direct flight possible to minimize the in-transit time for your pet.
• Private Long-Distance Ground Transportation
• Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations.
• Compliance with all TSA-mandated security measures.
• Instructions for acclimation for your pet’s safe travel without the use of sedation!
• Acquire Health Certificate and Letter of Acclimation.
• Ensuring that vaccinations, including rabies, are up-to-date.
• Work one on one with your vet to ensure proper documentation preparation.
• Supply & review all required documents for international travel.
• Research and complete the requirements of destination country (if shipping internationally) including documentation, quarantines, etc.
• Contact the airline for any additional requirements.
• Assist you in obtaining travel carrier of appropriate size, and instructions on how to professionally prepare the pet carrier to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for your pet.                                 

• Determine proper arrival and departure procedures and documentation.
• Arrange payment to airline, vet, quarantine facility, dog or cat kennel, pet transport vendor, etc.
• Assist with all logistics and timing offlight/vet/transport/paperwork.

Your customized pet travel services also include:

(Please note: the steps below are very time consuming and can take hours or even weeks to complete.
• An estimate of costs you may expect to incur for your pet travel services.
• Explanation of pet relocation process including clear communication, guidance and reassurance of any concerns from start to finish!
• Research into the most direct airline flight available for your pets.
• By e-mail, you will receive customized pet shipping and travel instructions such as: Information on documentation requirements.
• Tips to prepare your pet for Air and/or Ground travel.
• Proper kennel size requirements and preparation info for the airline.
• Proper check-in/pick-up procedure at the airline.
• Assistance with logistics involved such as: who, where, when, how.
• Booking of the pet’s airline flight or scheduling your pet’s long distance ground transportation. Our fee does not include airfare ticket costs or the cost of ground transport.
• Direct communication with your Pet Travel Specialist by phone or e-mail.

• Direct communication with your Pet Travel Specialist by phone or e-mail.
• A Pet Travel Packet with all the required airline flight documents and crate stickers and customized tags.

As a professional pet shipper, Paw Pet Express also provide or arrange for the following pet services:

• Pick up and/or delivery of your pet (including from shelters, breeders, or wherever you desire).
• Selection and purchase of airline-approved pet carrier.
• Obtain health and/or veterinary certificates.
• Complete domestic and international pet travel documentation.
• Arrangement of boarding and/or pet grooming services.
• Ground transport to kennel, vet, home, and/or airlines.
• Prepayment for goods and services.
To simplify your book-keeping, when we set up and arrange for third-party professional boarding, ground transportation, veterinary service or kennel purchase, we will arrange for direct payment to these vendors for a one-time handling fee plus the cost of the goods or service. A final invoice will be provided upon your request. If we pay for the airline fees through our accounts with the airlines, there will be a minimum service fee.
We accept all major Credit Cards. For your security, credit card transactions will be made through Quickbooks.
Discounts are given for multiple pets, military_personnel, roundtrip services, repeat clients and 501c3 rescues.
For more information & a comprehensive pet travel plan, please fill out the Pet Travel Form.