Pet Rescue and Forever Homes

One unique service Paw Pet Express can provide is pet rescue. In today’s Internet age, a person can fall in love with a pet far from their home who is in a shelter and needs prompt adoption. We have helped unite many pets find Forever Homes this way, without the new pet owner needing to take time off from work to fly to and from the adoption location!

What We Offer:

• Arrange for all travel including transport to the vet, airport, and new home.
• Research, reserve and provide all airline documentation and booking.
• Work with the shelter or veterinarian on all preparation requirements such as veterinarian Health Certificates, crate/supplies, pre-flight conditioning, and both air and ground transportation needs.
• Coordinate between client and shelter/veterinarian for timing and logistics of the pet’s travel.
• An opportunity for a new leash on life.

Lost and Found!

We also provide the same services for clients whose pets have become lost during the moving process, such as running away when the movers were packing up or escaping a hotel room while driving cross-country.